BeeGee Productions

is a new foundation making fascinating projects for artistic/social/cultural/educational (you name it :)) purposes. Bee comes from Barbora and Gee from Gareth, the names of its founders.

Bee’s Story

Since I was young, I had a challenging relationship with emotions and my mental well-being. My whole youth I though I was strange, too emotional, weak and difficult to deal with for others. A few years ago, I found out that the reason why is that I am a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). This term has been discovered and research has been only recently. HSPs, and so do I, react to their surroundings with deeper and amplified sensitivity. Every sensation for us is stronger and can very often overwhelm us.
For some HSPs, high sensitivity is connected with other struggles such as difficulty with expressing emotions, changes in mood or even depressions. And what is even worse – people seem to very often ignore or suppress these mental issues. Society many times characterises emotions as a sign of weakness or submission, but that’s not right. Emotions are important and crucial part of our characters, creates love, friendships, passions and make us unique.

I believe that selfcare is important – especially since the beginning of 3rd millennia brought us into a rushed life with an overload of information and devices pushing our physical state to perfectionism yet the same time pushing our mental state aside. We forget to take care or undervalue what is the most important – our soul and uniqueness.

My sensitivity led me to an interest in art (music especially) and directed me to my profession as an artistic producer and manager. I want to connect my HSP trait with my passion in art and share the awareness of mental health through different kind of artistic productions. That’s why I founded this foundation. To help others like me to find a respected place in the society.

Gee’s Story

I am an artist, composer and musician living in Amsterdam. I play the bass clarinet which is  the result of a somewhat impulsive purchase whilst window shopping in Covent Garden, London, around ten years before the turn of the century. The serendipitous location of a rather wonderful (and equally important, rather cheap) second hand record shop less than 10m from the bus stop required for seven years of schooling, combined with delivering newspapers on a daily basis (yes, real ones, back one people did such things), lead to a somewhat eclectic, dusty and generally unclassified taste in music.

This may have also resulted in the coffee obsession that follows me around like a shadow. Probably not though. Whatever the case it has resulted in some fun times, good conversation and even an album. So it goes.

Art is a voice, it gives us a way to say things that we can not say in other ways. A way to learn new things, to tell new stories, to create narratives and open doors. I try to use words, until they get the better of me. Then sounds. Now more than ever we need raise our voices and the more ways we have to do this the better.

Our Goals:

  • bring people from different backgrounds together and make captivating, unconventional, (mostly) international and educational projects;
  • connect different kinds of artistic disciplines, genres, and styles and move away from the ever present urge to defining, box and categorise;
  • increase awareness of the importance of mental health and education through these projects;
  • constantly promote the importance of contemporary art and address its misunderstanding in comparison to mainstream and more traditional art.

Stichting BeeGee Productions:


Gareth Davis – Artistic Director (Artistiek Directeur)
Barbora Schejbalova – Business Manager (Zakelijk Leider)

Supervisory Board (Raad Van Toezich):
Fani Konstantinidou
Andrea van Beek 
Silvia Borzelli

KVK: 82249423
RSIN: 862394259

If you wish to contact us, please go to ‘Reach Us’ or simply click here

Main Outlines of the Policy Plan

Stichting BeeGee Productions runs on the basis of the project business model, therefore its overall budget mirrors the sum of all project’s budgets together. 

The income is based on the multi-source funding system. It usually consists (completely or partially) of venues’ buyout/ticket sales, Dutch funds support (both private and public), a few international funds (due to the international aspect of the artistic group) and business support.

The costs are divided into pre-production and production part which consist of personnel costs, production costs and promotion costs.

The financial year of the stichting runs from January to December.
As a non-profit organisation, Stichting BeeGee Production balances its books to a non-profitable outcome.


Remuneration Policy

The remuneration policy of the stichting was defined by the Directors and approved by the Supervisory board. 

The members of the Supervisory Board: 
Their performance of duties are not remunerated. Should any costs arise in connection with the performance of their duties, such costs shall be reimbursed on an expenses basis. 

The directors of the Stichting:
Both Artistic and Business directors receive remunerations earmarked in the budget of each project Stichting BeeGee Productions is organising.

Other remunerations: 
Stichting BeeGee Productions works on a basis of contracting freelancers and self-employees. Their remunerations are also earmarked in the budget of each project Stichting BeeGee Productions is organising. 

All remunerations follow the guidance of the Dutch Code of Cultural Governance.