The world has a great history of folk stories which over time have moved and evolved following the migration of people over the continents. These are stories which taught lessons, spoke of history, of difficult questions, of journeys and of far away places. They are also stories that taught simple ideas, warned against mistakes, spoke of good and bad and how to understand or be understood.

Our aim is to search, gather and retell this plethora of material. To take a step back to a very simple idea, and bring this to an audience that has lost much of its knowledge of these old tales.

We started with Central Europe, which has an extremely rich and varied history of stories and narratives but which are now all but unknown outside of Slavic Countries, a series of books and later audio projects and theatre pieces will bring these to all age groups, embracing the simple concepts but without fear of contemporary and conceptual art being part of the mix.

Our first Slavic fairy-tale book is called The 12 Months and was published by Olympia Publishers under their Bumblebee Books series.

The 12 Months tells a story about young orphan girl, Mary, who was sent to imposible tasks. Because of her kindness, Mary receives help from 12 magic creatures – masters of the months. At the end of the book, we wrote fown some questions about the story which helps children with the comprehention and also serves as a great tool for bringing up some topics for a family discussion.   

Would like to purchase The 12 Months? You can simply go to the publisher or on Amazon or search other online bookstores.